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The “In the Shadows” series of photographs, is an as yet unfinished series of photographs.  “Dark Rabbit” is the outcome of the first concept I worked on after getting the space at River Studios back in May 2021. An earlier version was shown at the Centre for Contemporary Photography 2021 Ilford Summer Salon. Created during the interminable Melbourne lockdowns it’s the keystone piece in the series.  


I’ve always thought of it as a series of illustrations from a fairy tale that I was wasn't read as a child.  That there was something allegorical or elements in the story (or image) that I couldn't quite grasp, that it was strong but not quite knowable. It will have to wait for Winter for me to complete the series,  I need to feel the cold and the low skies of an August morning.  It’s not a sunny day kinda thing.  I'm thinking a Henry Moore sculpture garden crossed with the paganism of Susan Cooper's "The Dark Is Rising", we'll see.  I look forward to finishing the series (but the time is not right, the sun is shining).


"Dark Rabbit" has appeared on the walls of the Yarilla Arts and Museum as a finalist in STILL: National Still Life Award 2023 (until December 3 2023) and again as a finalist in the Fisher's Ghost Art Prize 2023 (until 8 December 2023)

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